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Tenancy Agreements

Once we identify a suitable tenant you wish to approve and lease your property to, the next step can begin. The tenant pays their Bond. We ensure all expectations and obligations are explained. Then all contractual forms such as the tenancy agreement are signed. We handle everything and ensure everything complies with the rules and regulations set out by the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008.

What if I have special requirements for a tenancy agreement?

This is all part of our property management service and we encourage our clients to express any requirements or concerns when any management contracts are arranged. We will always work for our landlords and meet their needs.

What do we explain to tenants before they move into the property?

It is important for tenants to understand all requirements and expectations. We make sure they understand that they must pay their rent on time, how to pay rent and what happens if rent falls into arrears. We also discuss our repairs and maintenance policy, what happens in an emergency repair situation, how often inspections occur, our expectations for cleanliness and what we look for – we’re very thorough to ensure our landlords have a hassle free experience.

In accordance with legislative requirements, we also provide the Pocket Guide for Tenants booklet to further explain tenancy rights and obligations.

What forms do tenants sign?

We prepare a Tenancy Agreement covering the details of the tenancy, with full terms and conditions. We explain all parts of the agreement to the tenant and ensure they understand before signing.

We also supply tenants with a copy of the Entry Condition Report and explain how they must check, sign and return a completed copy within 3 days. We explain the purpose of the bond and what is required in order to receive a full refund at the end of their tenancy. We then send a copy of the tenancy agreement together with a copy of the ingoing inspection report to the landlord for their records.

Keys for new rental property

When do tenants get keys and possession of the property?

Only after all the forms have been signed, all bond monies and payment of rent has been received, we will then handover the keys and grant possession of the property.