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Property Inspections

Property inspections are a vital component of successful property management. They ensure the landlords’ valuable asset is looked after and properly maintained. It’s also a time for tenants to communicate any issues they may have.

Before the start of a tenancy

An entry condition report is conducted to record the condition of the property prior to handing over possession to the tenant. This report is essential to outline how the property is to be presented upon the tenant vacating the property in order to receive a full bond refund. The entry condition report is extremely detailed and involves recording hundreds of photos/videos as well as detailed records.

The first stages of a tenancy

The first routine inspection of your property is conducted 8 weeks after a new tenant moves in. We prefer to do the first inspection in this time-frame because it gives us a chance to check that your new tenants are looking after your property and address any potential issues before they become a problem.

During a routine inspection of your property, we record general cleanliness as well as damage and maintenance items. We prepare a detailed report with notes and photos so all our landlords can view the condition of their property throughout a tenancy.

About Property Management - routine inspection report

During a tenancy

After the initial inspection, we conduct routine walk-through inspections of the property every three to four months. Again, we check room by room and item by item and record notes for any issues we find. We make sure the tenant is keeping the property damage-free and clean. We take photos for your reference and will note down any repairs or maintenance that needs to be completed.

We contact our landlords after every routine inspection to keep them up to date. A detailed report with photos is also made available via the Owners Portal and it details any items which require attention.

End of a tenancy

When a tenant gives us notice that they intend to vacate the property, we provide them with our vacate pack. It provides useful information as well as our expectations on how the property needs to be returned. Once the tenant has vacated and returned the keys, we compare the property to the original entry condition report.

We carefully check for any damage or cleaning that needs to be remedied and ensure the property is returned in the same condition as when the lease commenced – taking into account reasonable wear and tear, which is a legislative requirement. Only once property manager and landlord is satisfied, the tenants bond refund is processed.